Delightful Meal

Our food is always fresh for your enjoyment. Soju is based on Korean style food and we reflect this in our restaurant.

Our story

Welcome to SOJU

Since 2019 We are the very first authentic Korean BBQ restaurant in Wynwood. We have traditional Korean BBQ tables outside so that you can feel as if you were in Korea. We want to introduce casual Korean street style BBQ and food.

We want to introduce casual Korean street style BBQ and food. The most popular outgoing dinner after work in Korean is pork belly with Soju. You can relax and let things go whatever you go through your day with this typical Korean dinner. We can bring you to Korea with this special experience. Nothing fancy but special!!!


We have a various of Korean food. We are focus on Korean BBQ and street food.

Main Menu

Rice Bowl

Beef Bulgogi / Spicy Pork / Sweet Soy Chicken
Rice with seasonal green, cucumber, carrots and sweet corn

Korean Ramen

Korean Ramen / Jjajang Ramen / Buldak Ramen / Bibim Ramen
Korean style Noodle soup

Korean BBQ

Beef / Spicy Pork / Chicken / Pork Belly / Beef Brisket / Shortribs
Korean typical BBQ grill table. It comes with rice, lettuce vegetables and banchan

Open Table.

Only Walk in, for more Information Please Call 786.238.7929.


Business hours

Mon : Closed
Tue ~ Thu : 5pm ~ 11pm
Fri ~ Sat : 5pm ~ 12am
Sun : 5pm ~ 11pm


322 NW 24th St Miami FL 33127

Phone / Mail


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